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Alice is *Mine.*

15th May, 2006. 9:23 pm. Waking up in the new house. (Not Safe for Work!)

Every time she moves, he wakes up. Every time he looks her over and makes sure she's okay, before drifting back to sleep once he's assured himself she's alright.

It's the horses that wake him up for the last time at dawn, wanting to be put back by the door so they can see the world again. He tells them they they have to wait until Alice is up. And if they aren't quiet and let her sleep, they won't get to today.

Current mood: relaxed.

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13th March, 2006. 1:03 am. Walking away with Alice to find something new.

The mirror is left by the door, along with the cat's present. Closing the door, he wonders what the cat's going to think if it comes back and finds him gone too.

Then his thoughts move on to where they could move to, what kind of house and neighborhood. He'd prefer something out of the city.

"Little house. That sounds good. You want it in the thick of things, away from it all, or something in the middle?" He asks as they walk away from the building, heading in no particular direction.

Current mood: relaxed and relieved.

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9th March, 2006. 3:54 pm. Grrr!

Would someone tell my mun to stop! And I mean now! This is getting fuckin' embarrassing. I am *not* Bert! Not even if you replace his bottle cap collection with a shiv collection!

See the one there. :: points to the Warrior one:: That's me.

Not This!

You scored 72% Organization, 48% abstract, and 62% extroverted! This test measured 3 variables.

Fuckin' embarrrassing. :: rearranges his collection so you can't tell he just took one in preperation for going to have a talk with his mun::Collapse )

Current mood: grumpy.

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9th March, 2006. 10:06 am. Warrior, surprise, not.

I'm not telling your actual score. Hmph!
Warriors, like Kings, are often leaders because they possess the necessary mental abilities to hold such positions. Warriors see something they want and go for it. They don't hold back. They speak their mind. They don't sugarcoat. They don't fear. Like Lovers, they often have bad reps because they are misunderstood. They may come across as harsh, unforgiving, uncaring, or insensitive, but it is only because they are realistic and drive right to the core of the situation rather than beat around the bush.

The Warrior's complement is the thoughtful, artistic Lover.

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 98% on Confidence
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You scored higher than 0% on Creativity
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98% huh, my mun needs to listen to me better. Just 'cause she thinks I'd be better as a Blue Collar worker, and happier, does not mean I can't run the fuckin' company!

(Thanks to StvnsAngel, this is borrowed from her.)

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24th February, 2006. 11:28 pm. Opens and closes mouth.

Riddick opens his mouth to say, Boo!. But shuts it quickly because he is a smart Riddick and knows when to pick up his toys and go home.

But he just had to post it here, becuase he is also a smart-ass Riddick.

((This is how I keep memories of things posted to the 'verses. And this was nothing, if not memorable.))

24th February, 2006. 1:11 am. Cat Baiting

"Okay. So cat baiting didn't work out so well this time. Matter of fact maybe I better lay off the cat baiting for a while.

Not that I can't take it.

Not that Alice can't take it.

But if the stupid cat leads an Umbrella corp here, things could get... interesting. Real interesting."

He stares of into space. Eyes shifting while he contemplates. The two Alices. How they differ. How they're alike. And Umbrella.

"You know what gives me comfort? The infinite 'verse. Knowing that somewhere out there... There is got to be at least one me that listened to Angela and went back for Alice. There has to be one of me out there who didn't leave her for them. Somewhere out there, there is an Alice or Alices that Umbrella never got their fuckin' hands back on."

"I just wish I was one of them," he says so quietly you might think you didn't hear it.

Scowling, Riddick leavers himself out of the chair and stalks off.

Current mood: cynical.

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18th February, 2006. 4:28 pm. Riddick and art

cloudsinmyhair asked about coloring as a kid. Okay, so I think about things a little differently than most folks.

Current mood: remembering.

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13th February, 2006. 12:29 am. Sleeping, Umbrella, and Alice

(Author note: This is a non-concurrent event with the date on Sunday. I just have very limited RP time)

Riddick sleeps lightly in a chair. It's irrelevant to him what the odds of Umbrella actually showing up actually might be. There's *a* chance, and that's enough to put him on guard.

It would be a mistake to call what he's doing actually sleeping though. All his senses are on high alert. Waiting for the cue to spring him into action. Yes, his muscles are relaxed. Yes, his breathing is deep and even. But it would be a mistake, a deadly mistake.

Current mood: No one gets through me..

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12th February, 2006. 9:27 pm. A Date?

It's after dark when Riddick shows up at Leela's. He smiles. She was thoughtful and left the light off for him.

It's been a while since he's felt this playful.

He bounds up the steps and knocks on the door.

Current mood: naughty.

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10th February, 2006. 8:59 pm. Shhh! Don't tell either of the Alices!

Your Erotic LJ dream by cozzette
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You awokehorny
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chance of that happening:: 63%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

What can I say... I'm a bad boy.

Current mood: naughty.

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